Creating an Assessment


On Premises

You can only use Multiple Choice Single Selection (MCSS) and Multiple Choice Multiple Selection (MCMS) questions within an assessment. For MCMS questions, feedback topics are mandatory.

Note: The assessment will randomize the questions on publish. Do not create questions in an assessment that build upon each other.

To create an assessment:

  1. At the highest level of the course book, insert a slide topic based on one of the following templates:
    • Assessment Group - Spinner
    • Assessment Group - Standard

  2. Provide values in the assessment metadata table. Write an introduction about the assessment.
  3. For each group, insert several topics based on the Group template, and place them as child elements of the main slide.

    A Spinner can support three to six groups.

    Use these topics to define the groups of questions for the assessment. Only the topic title will be displayed in the output.

  4. For each group, identify the number of questions that you want the learner to answer during the assessment.

  5. Insert a sufficient number of questions as children of the group topic.

    Be sure to add at least as many questions as the amount you specified in the previous step. You can add more question topics than the number that you require for assessment. The output randomly selects the indicated number of questions. You can reuse some or all of the knowledge check topics, as needed.

  6. Be sure that all MCMS questions in the assessment include feedback topics (shown collapsed in the previous image).