Displaying Publishing Jobs in Contribute


On Premises

Use the Publishing Console to display the summary of publishing jobs for each book.

Publishing jobs for a specific book are displayed by using the right-click menu option, or using History Filter options. The book's summary includes details for each job including the date submitted and publishing status (with a link to the completed output files).

The History Filter is used to display:

  • All publishing jobs you have submitted for a book, or publishing jobs submitted for a book by all library users.
  • The jobs you submitted between specific dates, or jobs submitted between specific dates by all library users.

To display a publishing job summary:

  1. Open the Publishing Console.

    Books that have been sent for publishing are added to the publishing list and sorted under one of the groups.

  2. Expand a group in the publishing list to display the books.
  3. From a book's right-click menu, click Show Jobs


    Select History Filter options and click Show Jobs.