Creating Carousels


On Premises

To create a Carousel slide:

  1. Create a topic on the highest level in the book structure, based on the Carousel template.
  2. Insert any content type as an introduction.
  3. Insert the graphics:
    1. At the bottom of the topic, insert a minimum of three file objects in separate paragraphs.
    2. Apply the ClickableImage paragraph style (highlighted in the following figure).

      These images will be part of the carousel.

      The dimension of the carousel images should be 548×328 px (width × height).

      If you want to have a link on the image, use a child topic as described in the next step.

  4. Create or reuse topics based on any template, and insert them as children of the Carousel topic. These topics function as a kind of caption.

    The content of these topics displays as text on top of a carousel image. If more content is included than is able to display, a scroll bar appears.

    Separate paragraphs are shown as one consecutive string of text. To insert spaces between sentences, be sure to add a space at the end of each paragraph.

    Note: No instructional text is included on the Carousel slide for the purpose of using the Carousel for navigation. For more information in instructional text, see Change instructional text. is that estimate for 1 person

  5. Assign the variable ItemTransititonTime to the carousel topic with a value greater than 0.