Creating Buttons with Images


On Premises

To create a Buttons with Images slide:

  1. At the highest level in the book structure, create a slide topic based on the Buttons Images template.
  2. Use this topic for an introduction about the clickable buttons topics. For example, "The teleportation device is available in the following configurations."
  3. Insert a number of file objects, one file object for each button.

    The image size per button is 300×210 px (width × height). If you use an image that is smaller than this value, the publishing process scales it up to the 300px width, with aspect ratio maintained, whereas larger images are scaled down to that width.

  4. Put every file object in a separate paragraph and apply the ClickableImage paragraph style.
  5. Create or reuse topics based on any template, and insert them as children of the Buttons Images introduction topic.

  6. Verify that the number of file objects in the Buttons Images introduction topic matches the number of child elements. If you have more images than children, the extra images appear as a normal image, not a button, in the output.