How does Localization function in Author-it Cloud?



Locale licensing for Localize follows user subscriptions. Each subscription enables one locale, but you will be assigned 5 locales for any number of users from 1 - 5. If you need more locales than users, you may purchase additional locales.

Author-it Localization Manager

A desktop-based system that employs a separate target library for each locale's localized content.


An advanced web-based system that localizes content within a single library by means of object variant technology.



Author-it Localization Manager uses multiple target libraries:



Author-it Localization Manager copies the source content from the main library to all target libraries and you conduct localizations on the copied content in each target library.

You use the Author-it Localization Manager interface to perform localization tasks between target libraries and translators.

Localize Single library:



The use of variants makes it possible and preferable to use a single variant-based library.

Each localization is a Variant of the primary (source) content. To use the software effectively, you need to understand Variants and associated functionality.

You can use the Localization Migration Plug-in to migrate content from your existing target libraries to your Author-it source library.

You manage all localization life-cycle tasks from Localize's browser interface.