Can we activate and de-activate users to optimize subscription usage?



Yes. Think of your set of subscriptions as a pool. You can have many more User Roles than subscriptions, and selectively activate/de-activate the users to swap them in and out of the pool.

Reviewer License Pool (small)

How to activate and de-activate user Roles for Author and Contribute:

For Author and Contribute, activating and de-activating user roles is a manual process. A Client Administrator must:

  • Manually select and de-select the Role check box for a user in the Manage Users page

    - and/or -

  • Manage that user's membership in Groups that are assigned the Role via the Manage User Groups page

    - and/or -

  • Use the Author Activation dialog to make Authors active or inactive

How to activate and de-activate users for Review:

For Review, the activation process is more automated. Reviewers are assigned the Reviewer Role, but this role is only activated when a reviewer Role is assigned to a Review, and only de-activated when the Review ends (so long as that Reviewer is not assigned to another Review). A Review ends when:

  • The Review is completed automatically by means of release state change.
  • The Review is completed manually when an Editor clicks the Review Complete button.
  • The Review is Deleted.
  • The Review is Canceled.

A Reviewer-only user role is also freed for use when a Reviewer Role is removed from the review and is not already assigned to any other reviews.