How is my data protected from disasters?



Author-it Software Corporation utilizes distributed servers in multiple locations. We back up daily on-site and weekly to a remote location. The data centers we use have been subjected to a SSAE 16 type audit, an auditing standard that aims to report on the controls placed in operation and to rigorously test the operating effectiveness of an organization.

This audit includes investigation and reporting on:

  • Physical security policies and procedures.
  • Entrance to buildings, employee work areas, network/communication, computer and administrative areas such as card access, surveillance cameras, and other building protection.
  • Digital surveillance and access log policies.
  • Physical environment of servers and other computer equipment.
  • Access control policies, certification for access, maintenance of access, visitor access, service technician access, business versus non-business hours, and access logging.
  • How telecommunication line junction points are secured against tampering.