XSL Transformations



Use the XSL Transformation action to run a transformation file over the published output. You can choose between standard transformations and your own transformation. Use the standard transformations in combination with Resolved XML publishing format to create linear XML or an HTML5 file. The standard transformations transform the published XML in the publishing folder. The result is also saved in the publishing folder.

XSLT Transformation

To add your own XSL Transformations:

  1. From the publishing profile, select the Actions tab.
  2. Click the XSL Transformations action.
  3. In the Description field, type a name for the action.
  4. Click [...] to browse to the Input folder. This is the folder that contains the content you want to transform.
  5. Type the file extension of the content you want to transform in the Input Extension field.
  6. Click [...] to browse to your XSLT file.
  7. Add the XSLT parameters if they are needed.
  8. Click [...] to browse to the output folder. When the files are transformed, they are added to this folder.
  9. Type the file extension the content uses after it is transformed in the Output Extension field.
  10. Click OK to save the action.

    The action is added to the After Publishing list. To move the action to the Before Publish list select the action and click the Move Up arrow.

  11. Save the changes to the profile.