Transformation import rules - On Premises 7

Import content

Rules define how a document is imported, including how styles are applied and where topics are created. Your library can contain many rules, and the same rule can be shared among many profiles.

There are three types of rules:

  • Topic creation rules enable you to define how a document will be split up into Author-it Topic objects. The structure can be identified from a style name or from any paragraph or character formatting. When the conditions of the rule are met, a new topic is created at a particular level in the hierarchy and is based on a particular topic template.
  • Find and replace rules enable you to find text with any combination of paragraph or character formatting, and replace it with other text (or no text) and Author-it paragraph or character styles. This can be very useful for automatically replacing text with variables, or for removing unwanted content.
  • Style mapping rules enable you to decide how your formatting will be mapped or transformed into Author-it paragraph or character styles. Formatting can be identified from any paragraph attributes, font attributes, or style names, and is then mapped to an Author-it paragraph or character style.

Available rules are displayed under Import > Transformation > Rules. New rules can be added as necessary, and you can also import rules from another library.