Split cells in a table - On Premises 7

KC Tables

You can split a table cell so that it forms two equal cells by creating an additional column within the cell.

To split table cells:

  1. Click inside the cell that you want to split.
  2. Click Layout > Merge > Split Cells.


    Right-click and click Table > Split Cell.

    The selected cell is split into two columns.

    Split Cell column

  3. Save your changes.

If you want to split a cell by adding an extra row, you'll need to use the manual option of adding a row and then merging cells where the second row is not required.

To manually add an extra row to a cell:

  1. Click inside the row where you want to split the cell.
  2. Add a new row before or after the selected cell.

    Plain Table

  3. Select two adjoining cell rows that you want to convert back into a single cell, and then click Merge Cells. Repeat this action to convert other cells that don't require the extra row.

    Manually Split Cell row

  4. Save your changes.