Prerequisites for Installation - On Premises 6.4

Author-it Knowledge Center

This is a list of prerequisites for installation of Author-it On-Premises V6.4. It includes requirements that will enable remote support from Author-it:

  • Access to an administrator desktop (TeamViewer, Citrix, whatever does the job) with RDP connections to the Localize server (IIS) and SQL server or direct access to the Localize server/SQL server.
  • Localize server = Server 2008 R2 up to 2017 (IIS role and Application Server role. net 4.6 framework is a feature. Not part of IIS).
  • Access to the Author-it 6.4 install software or being able to upload it.
  • Domain account which is local administrator on the Localize server for the Application Pool user and Author-it services user (if applicable). This is a service account that stays active. Advice is to give it a name like ait-svc and make sure the password never expires. For installing the software any local admin will suffice.
  • A dedicated SQL user account for connection purposes has been created. The recommended username is "ait" (already in place when client is installed and working with SQL database). This account will be DBO for the Author-it databases. SQL server must be in “Mixed mode authentication”.
  • Disabled UAC on Localize server. On Server 2012 up to 2017 it has to be done also in the registry or by policy. Disabling UAC only disables the notifying service for Server.
  • The license file and the key to activate it.


Keep the database in the same physical network environment as the machines with the Author-it clients and Web Application server.

SQL Server Express is only for very small environments (<4 users). Max 1 socket/CPU/4 cores, 1 GB and 10 GB database supported. SQL Server Express has no limits on incoming connections or workload other than the CPU and memory limitations.