Create a new library database - On Premises 6.4

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You won't need to create new library databases very often. Read when to use more than one library for more information.

See also: JET Database limitations

Once you have created your new library, log in as the supervisor. Then export your library to SQL Server, create the users and groups for your library, and set the permissions and library security. In addition you will need to assign a password to the default (supervisor) user.

To create a new library:

  1. From the Author-it Administrator login window, next to Library, click Click to select.

    The Select Library window opens.

  2. Go to the New Library tab, and select the library template you want to base your library on. Click OK then name and save your library.
  3. When the library has been created, the Administrator login window opens. Log in to your new library as the (supervisor).

    Note: The default supervisor user does not have a password at this stage. You assign this after you are in the library.

    SQL Server

  4. To create a SQL Server Library database, complete these steps, and then export your JET database to SQL Server.