Creating Flip Cards - On Premises 6.4

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Use this slide type to create at least two flip cards (at least four child topics).

To create a Flip Cards slide:

  1. At the highest level in the book structure, create a slide topic based on the Flip Cards template.
  2. Use this topic for an introduction about the flip cards.
  3. Create or reuse topics based on any template, and insert them as children of the Flip Cards introduction topic.

    These topics will appear in pairs as flip cards: topic 2 is the back side of topic 1, topic 4 is the back side of topic 3, and so on.

  4. Observe the following limitations:
    • Do not use video within the flip card topics.
    • If you are using audio, place the audio in the Reverse card topic. Audio plays automatically when a user opens an element. The Card front starts as an open item, so the audio is not triggered. Placing audio on the back or reverse side of the card ensures the audio starts when the user opens that view of the card.