Defining feedback topics - On Premises 6.4

Author-it Knowledge Center

For knowledge checks to function, pre-defined feedback topics are mandatory for each question, except for the Multiple Choice Single Selection check. Multiple Choice Single Selection checks allow for feedback per answer.

The WBT supports three types of feedback topics which must be ordered as follows (to maintain compatibility with knowledge check options):

  • Feedback Correct

    Feedback Correct displays when the learner submits a correct answer to a question.

  • Feedback Incorrect

    Feedback Incorrect displays when the learner submits an incorrect answer for the second time. After the second incorrect answer, the Submit button changes to the Solution button. When the learner clicks the Solution button, the correct answer displays.

  • Feedback Try Again

    Feedback Try Again is shown when the learner submits an incorrect answer for the first time.

When building your knowledge check, be sure to insert feedback topics as children of the question topic, and place them in the correct order: 1. Feedback Correct, 2. Feedback Incorrect, 3. Feedback Try Again, as shown in the following figure.