Finding a css element - On Premises 6.4

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There are several ways to find a css element for editing.

The first thing that you need to do is find the code of the element that you want to change.

In the mainstyles.css file

  1. Open the mainstyles.css file.
  2. Use the logical layout and comments in the file to find the code. See Setup of the css files for more information on the layout of the mainstyle.css file.

NOTE: You won't always be able to find the specific code. For example if the element is designed with generic code and not yet specifically described.

  1. If you cannot find the element you can search for it on the webpage itself.

On the webpage

In chrome:

  1. Goto the page which contains you element.
  2. Press F12, the following information is added in your browser. (Note, make sure that "Elements" is selected.)

    40% Template

    In the picture above the language dropdown box has been selected. The corresponding code is highlighted in the right part of the image.

NOTE: The code will reflect the element that is selected on the page (and vice versa).