Criteria values and object selection in the library - On Premises 6.4

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The following examples describe the variant values in the Translation Job window when you are adding source content to a translation job. They also show the objects in the Library that would be affected based on the selections. The examples show the situation when Exclude primary objects is not selected.

The examples are for a Spanish locale. Each example associates the selected variant criteria groups and values with content that would be selected for the translation job (shown with the red marker).

Example: No values are selected

 Translation Job Criteria:

Objects in Library:



Only objects that have no Country or Version variant values will be sent for translation (so, only primary objects will be sent for translation).

Example: Only Country values are selected, no values for Version are selected

Translation Job Criteria:

Objects in Library:



Remember that 1) there is AND logic between Country and Version, and 2) the selection will include fall-back paths for objects where a specified value does not exist. This configuration specifies those objects that have variant value combinations of:

Country=Argentina OR Country=Columbia OR Country=Spain OR Country=None



This means:

  • Objects with variants for Argentina, Columbia, Spain and Country=None will be sent for translation, so long as they have the equivalent of the value for the version variant as Version=None.
  • No Mexico variants will be sent, and no Version=1.0/1.1/1.2/2.0 variants will be sent.
  • Where an object has no Country variant at all, and no Version variant at all, the primary object will be sent for translation.

Example: Values for Country and Version are selected

Translation Job Criteria:

Objects in Library: