Open Author-it Administrator - On Premises 6.4

Author-it Knowledge Center

Use the Author-it Administrator to control administrator settings in your library. To open a Library with Author-it Administrator, your User login must have the "Security Administration" permission. Automatic login options used to open the Library using the Author are not available when logging in to Author-it Administrator.

When you install Author-it, the modules are added to the Author-it folder accessed from your Start menu.

To open Administrator:

  1. From your computer's Start menu click Author-it Administrator. The Administrator login window opens.

  2. In the Administrator login window, click the Click to select option to select your library.
  3. In the Select Library window, select your library from the list of recently used libraries, then click OK.
  4. In the login window provide your user name and password then click Login.

    The Author-it Administrator opens.