loc_code - On Premises 6.4

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Used by Magellan framework to match with browser regional setting. This enables presentation in the end user's own language. In case 5-character code can't be matched with browser returned code, the first 2 characters will be used for matching. In case of no match, the first default in the defaults list will be used to present content to the end user


  • locale_code is mandatory
  • must contain 1 -ISO based- locale code
  • containing 2 or 5 characters in total. Example values:
    • en-us
    • en
    • ja
    • fr
    • fr-ch


  • If matched: browser language detected locale code.


  • "loc_code": "",
  • "loc_code": "en-us",
  • "loc_code": "ja",
  • "loc_code": "fr-ch",