Button bar options - On Premises 6.4

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Choose the following options from the button bar:

Icon Buttons in TouchHelp


Opens the home page


Opens the search page


Opens the feedback comment box


Adds the current topic to the favorites list


Refreshes the current page



Click Home to return to the home page. The home page is the first topic in the help file.


Click Search to open the search page. After searching, the results are shown in the same page, with the search term highlighted. Click the topic title to open that page.

Certain search terms are not available with TouchHelp.


Click Feedback to send an email or message from TouchHelp about the current page.

Important: The feedback uses a variable from the library to populate the contact email address. You'll need to create the variable in your library before publishing your TouchHelp files.


Sending feedback for the current Touchhelp page

  1. Open the page you want to send your feedback about.
  2. Click Email or Message, then send your feedback.

The message or email contains the object's ID and title in subject line.

TouchHelp Subject with Object ID



Click Favorites when you want to add a page to the Favorites list.

Use the Favorites list window to open topics and to add or remove topics.

Open the window from any page by clicking the Favorites icon.

Pages that you've added to the list show a yellow Favorites icon, all other pages show a white star icon.