Review workflow - On Premises 6.4

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In Review you have two options for reviewing your content. A Collaboration review is the standard Author-it review type. Collaboration review is a peer edit option that enables your reviewers to comment on or suggest changes to your content. In an Approval review, reviewers can accept or reject each topic, rather than just marking every topic as complete.

The review process consists of three basic tasks:

  • Initiating the review and adding topics
  • Reviewing the content and making suggestions
  • Editing and finalizing the content

Review workflow

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In Review, an "Initiator" initiates the review by configuring a Review Form with fields for release states, times, and participants - for example, Reviewers and Editors.


The system automatically sends email notifications with review details to each participant.

Authors may continue to create content. As each topic is ready for review, they put it into the "review" release state, thereby triggering the next step in the process.


When the topic is put into the review release state, the Reviewers automatically receive an email providing them with the topic details.


Reviewers digitally mark up content with suggestions, comments, additions, substitutions, or deletions. They may also interact with each other through commenting or by agreeing or disagreeing with suggestions.

Reviewers mark their review as complete for each topic.

The notification system monitors review actions and sends reminder emails to participants if they have not completed their review.


Editors may Accept suggestions