Building knowledge checks - On Premises 6.4

Author-it Knowledge Center

Knowledge checks can be used within a course directly, and within assessments within a course. When used outside of an assessment, the user is allowed two tries to answer the question correctly and receives feedback immediately. On the first try the user is presented with the "Correct" or "Try Again" feedback topic as appropriate. On the second try, the user is presented with the "Correct" or "Incorrect" feedback as appropriate. The LMS is sent data from the course on the results of each knowledge check question.

Knowledge checks used within an assessment do not display feedback immediately. Instead, they display a score with remedial at the end of the assessment. The remedial will list each question with the answer the user gave. The remedial will also display if each question was answered correct or incorrect, but feedback will not be displayed.

Note: The functionality of MCMS knowledge check questions require feedback sub-topics, but these will be ignored in an assessment.