Assign a license to the library - On Premises 6.4

Author-it Knowledge Center

Before opening your library for the first time you will need to assign the license. License allocation is completed in the Author-it Administrator.

There are two License Models to choose from. In most cases you will use the first option and assign the license file to your library. The license file is allocated to your primary, or main, library, and license tokens can then be allocated to any secondary libraries created from your main library.

  1. Load the License File: use this option when you assign the license to your library.


  2. Use an Author-it License Library: use this option to allocate license tokens from your primary library to any secondary libraries (for example, if you create a sandpit library).

In addition, you have the option to allocate License tokens for specific users or groups. This allows you to reserve tokens for users, or alternatively restrict token use.