Define filters in the site configuration - On Premises 6.4


Filters are defined in the themeconfig.json file (your customized version of the siteconfig.json file). They allow you to combine multiple variant outputs within one searchable site.

You need filter labels to select the correct variant output when you navigate in Magellan. You are free to define your own label names and values, there is no direct relationship to Author-it variant criteria names and values.

When you do not want to define any labels, keep the filter_labels entry as follows:

 "filter_labels": "",

The image below shows an example of filter labels. In the example, "version" and "employee type" are identifiers. For every language the filter label must be translated. These translations are displayed when you open the Filter tab in the Magellan site. The translations of the possible values per filter label (in case of employee type for example "Part Time", "Contract") are defined in "publications".

The next step is to define an output folder for every variant value.