Tables in Author

Tables arrange information in rows and columns so that it is easier to read in any output format.

You can insert a table into a topic by using the Tables command in the Editor's Edit tab. After inserting a table into a topic, use the Editor's Layout tab to format the columns and rows.

If your content includes standardized tables, use the Author Quick Tables option to insert a preformatted table. Create an example of each standard table, add the cell and style formatting, and resize the columns and rows. You have the option to prefill tables with column or row headings, standard text, or graphics. You can also include standard text directly before or after the table. The Quick Tables option includes a preview mode to help you confirm that you've selected the correct table formatting.

Tip When working with tables in the Editor, you may need to make the window bigger so that you can see the full width of the table, and to display all of the commands on the Layout ribbon.