Resize rows and columns in tables

Tables in Author

You can change table column widths or row heights by using one of several options:

  • Resize individual rows or columns, a group of rows or columns, or an entire table, by using the Cell Size commands. Options include resizing individual or multiple rows or columns to an exact measurement.
  • Resize rows or columns directly in the table by dragging the borders.
  • Resize columns by dragging the border markers in the ruler. Holding down the SHIFT, ALT, or CTRL keyboard keys while dragging the markers changes how the columns are resized.
  • Resize selected rows or columns to a uniform size by using the Distribute options.

Note: Changing the row height has no effect on WinHelp or HTML outputs. To increase the row height in these formats, you should instead modify the spacing of the styles used in the table.

If your table is wider than the topic Editor window, maximize the window and then drag the right margin of the table until it fits comfortably inside the margins of your document.

Author sets table cell margins to 0.11 cm.