Draw a table by using the Table Selector

Tables in Author

When you need to display information in a tabular format, insert a table to organize the information into rows and columns.

Tip Using a table is the best way to ensure that your information is formatted correctly in all output formats. Because there is no equivalent of a tab character in HTML outputs, we recommend using tables without borders instead of using tabs to organize tabular information in your content.

To insert a table:

  1. Open your topic in the Editor. Position the cursor where you want a table inserted.

    Note: When outputting to a Word document, the left margin of the table will match the paragraph directly above the table. Choose a paragraph style with the left margin setting that you want for your table.

  2. To display the Insert Table selector, click Edit > Tables > Table.
  3. To set the number of rows and columns, drag your cursor over the selector, and then click to insert the table.

Author inserts a table with the selected number of rows and columns. Additional rows or columns can be added later.

Author supports one level of table nesting, so you can create a table within a cell of another table.