Apply background color to cells

Tables in Author

You can apply background color to selected cells in your table.

Note: Background colors can be applied to both cells and Style objects. If you use a Style with a background color inside a cell with a background color, ensure that both settings match.

To apply cell background color:

  1. Select the cells to which you want to add background color.
  2. Display the Color window:
    • In the Editor, click Layout > Design > Shading


    • In the topic, right-click and then click Tables > Background Color.
  3. Choose the background color by using one of the following methods:
    • Select a color from the Basic colors.
    • Select a custom shade from the color picker or gradient picker, and then click Add to Custom Colors.
    • Type a value for the color by using the Red Green Blue options, and then click Add to Custom Colors.

      Choose Release State Color

  4. Select the color in the Custom colors swatch, and then click OK. The window closes and the color is applied to the selected table cells.