Allow rows to break across pages

Tables in Author

By using the Allow Row Break command, you can control where a long table breaks across pages in printed output. If the table contains rows that have multiple lines of text, you can decide if the row will be broken (breaking the table at some point within the row and continuing its content on the following page) or if the row will be kept together (breaking the table between rows). The following examples show a row with the Allow Row Break applied, and then the same row when the option has not been applied.

Row Break Options


This example uses the Allow Row Break option on the highlighted row. The images show the row is broken near the foot of the first page and is continued on the second page.


This example shows the same row without the Allow Row Break option. When the option is not used, the row is kept together and the table is broken between rows. Depending on the size of the table rows, this can result in more white space near the foot of the page.

To allow a row to break across pages:

  1. Put the cursor in any cell in the row that you want to allow to break across pages.
  2. Click Layout > Allow Row Break. When the option has been applied to a table row, you can click inside any cell in that row and the command will be highlighted on the Layout tab.
  3. Save your changes.