When content doesn't validate

Structured Authoring

Assigning a structured template to existing content will often result in a number of invalid objects. This is because the structured template enforces order on content that may not have followed a defined structure in the past. When Author compares the rules in the template's structure builder to the object, it identifies that the existing content does not meet the validation requirements.

Rule validation can be broken for the following reasons:

  • Content does not use an allowed style or object. Existing content may use styles or objects that have not been allowed in the structure builder. To validate the rule, use the allowed styles or objects. Alternatively, update the rule in the structure builder.
  • Content does not meet the minimum or maximum occurrences allowed. When a rule is assigned to existing content, the number of instances allowed in the rule is compared to the actual number of instances found in the topic or book. Validation fails when the content does not meet the minimum requirements set in the rule, or exceeds the maximum number allowed. To validate the rule, update the book or topic. Alternatively, update the number of occurrences shown in the structure builder.
  • Content is not in the correct location. Rules define the location of content as either fixed or flexible. Content for fixed rules must be used in the same order as the structure. Content for flexible rules can be swapped with content from other adjacent flexible rules. When content has been added outside of the permitted location it will not validate.
  • Content is found that is outside of the rules. Existing books and topics will often contain content that cannot be validated against any of the rules. For example, this can occur when a template defining a limited number of paragraphs is assigned to topic with many paragraphs. If the rule in the structure allow a total of six paragraphs and the topic contains nine paragraphs, then the final three paragraphs will be outside of the rules. To validate the rule, rewrite the topic or remove the extra content. Alternatively, redefine the existing rules or create additional rules in the structure builder.