Validation in the Editor

Structured Authoring

When you are working with structured books or topics in the Editor you will notice several differences.

  • The Validate options on the Review tab are active. When you are adding content to a structured book the Validate Book option is active. When you are adding content to a structured topic the Validate Topic option is active.
  • You'll use the Rules tab to check that the content you are adding validates against the rules. Validation in the Rules tab will stop when invalid content is found and the point at which validation breaks is highlighted. A message is displayed in the Rules tab to indicate the content that was expected at this point. Invalid content is highlighted in the topic, or book contents pane (depending on which validation is being checked).
  • When you are working with structured topics the Format command group is updated to show the complete list of styles allowed for the topic structure, however the correct styles must be assigned to each paragraph for the rules to validate.
  • An optional reference topic can be displayed in the Example tab. The example topic can include any information that is relevant for creating a valid topic, such as the layout and styles allowed for each paragraph, or additional notes or guidelines for creating content.

Working in the Editor


The Rules tab displays the validation rules and highlights invalid content.


A message displays the expected rule at the point where validation breaks. or confirmation that the content is valid.


When you are working in a book try moving the content pane so you can see the rules tab and the content tab at the same time. This makes it easier to view the validation as you add content.