Multilevel book

Structured Authoring

This example shows a structure using multiple levels. In addition, topic objects in the book are based on a greater variety of templates than the flat or two-level structure examples. The rules used in the multi level structure enable a variety of books to be created with variations in the content and layout. When you create structures you have the option of incorporating different levels of flexibility, or you can create rules that require strict adherence.

The following topics provide a breakdown of the rules used in this multi level structure example, and demonstrates how the combinations of "occurrence" and "sequence" work together.

Note: Each rule in the following structure is numbered. The examples of books based on the structure show which rule was used to validate against the content. (Collapsed items display all of the rules used for that group.) The following topics describe each rule in more detail.

Complex Book Structure with Rule Numbering

Based on the rules, any of the following books will validate.

Examples of Books Based on Multi Level Structure