Boilerplate objects in structured book templates

Structured Authoring

The structure builder is used to define the objects and layout used by a book. The rules in the structure builder are used to allow selected objects to be used or allow content based on selected templates. The rules also determine the parent/child levels in the book, and whether content is optional or mandatory.

Combining boilerplate objects with structured templates

When you use structured authoring you can still create and use boilerplate templates. The boilerplate template is used to automatically add selected content to a book when it is based on the template. Using this method you can automatically add front and back matter objects such as a title page, table of contents, glossary, index. You can also add topics with content that does not need to be updated by the author. These topics can include copyright topics, typographical conventions, and legal or disclaimer notices.

When you add boilerplate content to a structured template you must ensure that the objects you add meet the validation requirements in the rules (for example, the front and back matter are based on the correct objects or templates).