Security permissions & re-importing HTML source files

Re-importing HTML and Word Source Files

Locked objects and insufficient permissions affect on the way content is re- imported. To ensure successful updates are made to the content in the library you should be aware of the following:

Locked objects

Any objects that are open and locked, by any library user, at the time of the import it will not be overwritten. Best practice is to ensure all objects are closed before starting the re-import process.

Folder and release state permissions

The person who is re-importing the HTML source files must have List, Read, and Modify permissions. This applies to both the folder permissions (controlling all objects in the folder) and any release state permissions, if they are used (controlling the items that have the state applied).

  • List - to view folders and objects
  • Read - to view content in topics
  • Modify - to change content during import process.

    Note: Objects are "Read Only" if the Modify permission is not given - they can be viewed but not changed.

The importer will not overwrite objects if the user does not have the correct permissions.