History points for re-importing source files

Re-importing HTML and Word Source Files

History points are used when you want to revert to an earlier version of the imported object (usually a topic). For example, when you are working with re-imported content:

  • History points are created for each import and re-import.
  • A history point is created for Topic objects when source files are re-imported and content is overwritten (whether or not changes have been made to the content).

    If you don't want to keep the changes you can revert to an earlier version of the selected topic.

  • A history point is also created for the importing Book object when source files are re-imported.

    Using this history point, you can revert to an earlier version of the book's layout and structure. Selecting this option does not modify the content in the topics.

The history points are set in the Author-it Administrator. As a minimum, the option for "Object Close (if modified)" should be selected.