View the published book


After you publish your content, check the outputs for appearance and accuracy.

To view the output, you and your readers need to have the correct run-time components for each output format installed on your computers.

  • To view JavaHelp output you'll need the Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

  • To view Oracle Help for Java output, you'll need the Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

  • To view the output for your content:

  • Select a book in the Library Explorer, right-click on the name, select View Published and select the output.

    The most recently published version of any output is listed with the date/time published.

  • Open the publishing folder and select the published file.

  • Directly after publishing, select View Output in the Publishing window.

  • Open the Publishing console and display the Pending Tab in the Jobs List. Select the profile(s) and book(s) then choose View Output in the Jobs List Toolbar.

    Note: If you have moved or deleted files from the Publishing folder, you cannot view the output until you republish.