Using timeline slides


For timelines, two levels of topic need to be added to the book contents. For example, this timeline has three events:

  • At level 1, place the topic based on the Timeline template. This creates the timeline slide.

  • At level 2 below the timeline slide, place topics containing the information for each event. A timeline must have at least two events.

  • To create a timeline slide:

  1. Create a topic at level 1 in the book structure, based on the Timeline template.

  2. Include some content as an introduction for the timeline.

  3. For the level 2 topics, create or reuse topics based on any template.

    The topic heading appears in the output as the event title, and as the title of the event popup. The space for the event title is limited to about 16 characters, so longer titles will be truncated and an ellipses added to indicate there is more. For example:

    The full event title shows as the title of the event popup window, when opened.

  4. Place these as sub-topics to the slide topic.