Transition slides in Honeycomb


Add text-image transition slides to Honeycomb courses to explain a set of related topics. For example, a technical drawing includes parts numbered with callouts. If this slide was an image-text snippet, the learner would have to click each item to view its description. With text-image transitions the page transition is automatic. Combined with an audio file, this functionality creates a presentation with a narrative.

For this feature, the course developer sets a transition time value to control the pace of the transitions.

  • To create transition slides:

  1. Create the slide topic (parent) based on the Text Image Transitions template.

  2. Place the slide topic at Level 1 in the book contents.

  3. For each snippet, create a content topic based on any template (except the special Honeycomb templates) or reuse an existing topic.

  4. Place the content topic as a child element to the slide topic.

This example shows how your slide structure would look when the slide and elements are placed correctly.

Creating Transitions Contents

The dimensions of each snippet in the published course are fixed; a scroll bar displays if the content exceeds the available space.

Author-it automatically scales images up or down, with aspect ratio maintained, to fit the available width.

Setting the time between slides

Transition slides require the < ItemTransitionTime > variable and a value greater than 0, to allow time for the information to display.

For the transition parent slide topic, set the value to 1 second or more, the same way you did for conversation slide topics.