Title slides provide the first slide of the presentation with a title, sub title and a short introduction shown in a separate 'square', plus an optional background image, for example:

The outline and fill colour of the title text square is set as part of the theme.

If you choose not to use a background image, the theme colour is shown across the slide.

These slides can also include audio for narration, and presenter notes.

  • To create a title slide:

  1. Create a topic on the highest level in the book contents, based on the Slide Title CH template.

    The topic heading is the slide title. This topic must contain at least a sub title.

  2. If required, on the first line, place the file object with the image to use as a background for this slide.

  3. Apply the BackgroundImage style.

  4. Add a sub title and apply the SubTitle style.

    Optionally you can also add an introduction and apply Body Text.