The publishing process for a Magellan site


The process of Magellan publishing consists of the following steps:


  1. XLST extracts and converts the xml from the database. It sends the content and formatting information to Saxon.‚Äč

  2. RXML file converts the external media files to a format that Saxon can read. These are:

    • Images and media.

    • JSON data files.

    • Templates.

    • CSS files.

  3. Both outputs are sent to Saxon where it automatically generates:

    • JSON Data files - (table of contents, linked references, the index, dynamically entered text)

    • JSON Content files - (the search engine).

    • HTML Content files.

  4. RXML then inserts the external media files correctly into the HTML output (which has been generated by Saxon).

  5. The Magellan engine is copied to the output folder.

  6. The html and the graphics, etc. are copied into the locale folder in the assets folder of the Magellan engine.