The CSS Template


During PDF ProCSS publishing, Author-it uses three css documents:

  • [Book object template description].css: this is the template where you define any specific layout requirements for styles and page layout. Information in this stylesheet will take precedence over settings for the same objects in the other CSS files. Author-it looks for a CSS file that has the same name as the description of the Book object template(excluding spaces) used by the book being published. For example, a book template called User Manual would use usermanual.css.

  • [Book object description].css: this stylesheet contains information from the related media and style objects. This stylesheet is automatically generated on publishing. If [Book object template description].css does not exist or does not contain information on layout of styles or the page setup, it will fall back to [Book object description].css.

  • resolvedxml.css: this stylesheet contains important default settings required for creating the PDF. If specific settings are not defined in both CSS files that are generated during publishing, settings from resolvedxml.css are used.

    Important: Do not modify the resolvedxml.css file.

If the CSS files do not contain the required information to create a PDF, Antenna House will use its own CSS to fill the gaps.