Site map file for search engines


When you publish to HTML or XHTML output, you can create a site map file that lists the published Web pages. The file informs search engines that you have pages available for crawling, and can be submitted to Google or Yahoo.

Create the site map file by adding your web address as the Base URL in the book's Web tab. Add the URL to the book or the book template. Publishing the book creates the file and adds it to your publishing folder.

Note: The site map file lists the published pages, but does not include entries for the page priority, update frequency, or date of the last file update. For more information on using site maps to enable search engine crawling see

For example, by adding "" to the Base URL field in the Book's Web tab, the publisher creates a site map XML file listing the URL to each of the files:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<urlset xmlns="">

<!-- generator="author-it" -->

<!-- sitemap-generator-url="" -->







After publishing and uploading your content to the appropriate Web server directory, submit the site map file to Google and Yahoo to enable them to crawl your site. The following links provide instructions for uploading the file:

  • Submitting a site map to Google:

  • Submitting a site map to Yahoo: