Set number of submenus on Navigation menu


The themeconfig.json file (your customized version of the siteconfig.json file) is used to customize your multilevel navigation menu.

Choose to display two or three levels of submenus from your Magellan site’s Navigation menu.

Set the number of submenus:

  1. Open Files from the Primary navigation.

  2. Go to <your theme name> top-level folder.

  3. Open your themeconfig.json file in a text editor.

  4. In the header object, change the value for showLevels to 2 or 3.

    "header": {
    "showLevels": "2"

  5. Save your themeconfig.json file and reupload it.

You will get the following results:

  • If you enter 2, only two levels will display, even if more levels are available.

  • If you enter a value higher than 3, three levels will display.

  • If you enter an invalid value, two levels (the default) will display.