Publishing Jobs List


When a book is added to the publish list, a job is created for the book/output combination. The job includes details on the publishing status, including the date and time the job was submitted, time taken to publish, and current status.

Publishing Jobs List OP Release 2020


Publishing Jobs Toolbar


Jobs List


Job Tabs

Publishing Jobs Toolbar

The jobs you have selected, and their progress through the publishing cycle, determines which options will be available.

  • View Output: You can view the published output for any jobs that show a completed status. Select a job in the All Jobs or Completed tabs and choose View Output.

  • Open Folder: You can open the folder containing the files for the published output for any jobs that show a completed status. Select a job in the All Jobs or Completed tabs and choose Open Folder.

    Note: If you have moved or deleted files from the Publishing folder, you cannot view or open them from here.

  • Republish: If you need to republish a book just select the completed job in the All Jobs or Completed tab then choose Republish.

  • Submit Batch: Submits all pending jobs for publishing.

  • Cancel Job: You can cancel any jobs with a Starting or Pending status. Cancelling a job removes it from the publishing queue, but leaves the job record in the publishing console. Select a job in the All Jobs, Pending, Queued, or Publishing tabs then choose Cancel Job.

  • Delete Job: Jobs in the Pending or Queued tabs can be deleted from the publishing console. Select the job (you can multi-select jobs), then select Delete Job.

  • Date Search: Use Date Search to filter the job list, and show jobs actioned on or after the selected date. Click in the date field to display the calendar, then select a date.

Job Tabs

Using the Publishing Console you can view any jobs that have been created for a book. To view the jobs, select a book in the book list (you can choose a single book, a group of books, or all books) then select one of the tabs.

  • Pending: displays a list of jobs with a pending status, or jobs that have been added to the Publish List but have not been sent to a queue for publishing yet.

  • Queued: displays all jobs that have been selected for publishing but are currently waiting in the queue to be sent to the Publisher.

  • Publishing: displays jobs that are currently being processed by the Publisher. The job's status is shown as Started.

  • Completed: displays jobs where publishing has completed, and the output files have been added to the Publishing folder.

  • Cancelled: view any jobs that have been cancelled.

  • All Jobs: displays a complete list of jobs for books that are currently selected in the Book List, regardless of the job's status.