Publish books to XML


If you need to import books into another library, Author-it provides you with the ability to publish an entire book to an Author-it XML file in a single click.

When you publish to XML, the output includes all of the objects that the book uses. This includes objects with a direct relationship to the book, such as objects in the structure, as well as objects with an indirect relationship, such as objects used by other objects in the book. Depending on the book content, these can include:

  • Templates

  • Index and index entries

  • File objects

  • Glossary

  • Hyperlinks

  • Media objects

  • Style objects

  • Table of contents object

  • Topics (this includes topics used in the book, and topics with relationships to hyperlink objects or index entry objects)

  • Books

  • Variables (that have been assigned to the book object or to objects in the book)

The following objects are not included when a book is published to XML:

  • Publishing profiles

  • Styles assigned via variable objects

  • File objects assigned via variable objects