Publish a book with variants in Author


When you are ready to publish your book, select your publishing profile as normal. If variants have been used in a book the Assign Variant Values window is displayed. The window lists all of the criteria used by objects in the book.

The following rules apply when publishing books using variant objects:

  • Where a value for a variant is not specified the parent object will be used.

  • When publishing the book to XML, all variants with a relationship to the document are included in the XML file.

  • You can also publish books containing variant objects using command line publishing.

  • To publish the variant book:

  1. Select the book.

  2. Choose the publishing options:

    • From the book choose Publish > Publish To, then select the output type and your profile.


    • From the object list right-click and click Publish To, then select your profile.


    • From the Publishing Console, select the profile, select the book you want to publish, then click Publish Now.

  3. Select the appropriate criteria in the drop-down list, or select (none) for criteria you do not want to use, then click OK to create the publishing job.

    Variants - publishing prompt

Notes on publishing:

  • When publishing a book that contains variants, the variant criteria values assigned to the last publishing job are reused and applied as the "default" setting in the publishing prompt the next time the book is published. The settings are reused in the current session and when you close and reopen the library.

  • Using the Republish option in the Publishing window republishes the job using the same criteria selections.

  • Closing the Assign Variant Values window cancels the publishing job.

  • If you decide to cancel the publishing job click Stop in the publishing window.

  • If the book has been assigned to a batch for publishing at a later time, cancel or delete the job in the publishing console.

  • If you are using a release state with publishing exclusion rules, Author publishes based on the release state that is assigned to the variant.