Publishing a Magellan book is very much the same as publishing any book in Author-it.

You must have a specific Magellan publishing profile configured for the Magellan output, which includes the required publishing actions. See: Set up the Magellan Publishing Profile.

  • To publish a Magellan site:

  1. Publish the book to the Magellan publishing profile.

  2. Choose the appropriate variable values for the Magellan theme, and any other variables set for the content.

    The published Magellan site must be viewed in a local webserver due to json scripting.

  3. When the publishing is completed, load the complete publish folder in a local web server.

    Pro Tip: Switch-on the built-in Windows IIS (Internet Information Services manager) to view your Magellan site. See: Install IIS for information on IIS set up.