The "publications" section is where you define the location of the published output for the locale. You create one definition per language.

In this example the default (11) is chosen.

"pub_id": "11",

This is the ID that represents the publication version/variant. It must be unique within the locale (loc_id). It can be any set of alpha numeric characters. It forms part of the URL so if you change it later, any saved URLs by end users will break. For example:

Magellan URL - pub_id

This becomes more relevant when creating and publishing multiple variants of a book and switching between them on one Magellan site, in a similar way to languages. This multi-variant feature is currently in Beta for a future release, so currently you need just one "publications" section per locale.

"version": "Standard",

This is a description/name of the version/variant. It is used for internal reference and is not displayed in the application. Leave at the default value of "Standard".

"path": "en"

This must point to the sub-folder under the \content folder where the localized topics and images/media are stored for the locale. This can be any set of alpha numeric characters, but recommend you stick to a code that makes is easy to identify the locale uniquely so en-uk, en-ca, and en-gb are appropriate examples.