Presentation metadata slides


Presentation metadata slides provide the footer contents and default background image for the whole presentation. Only one metadata slide should be added to each presentation. Different background images can be set for individual slides.

A metadata slide is mandatory to make sure that the CHURL variable works.

The footer metadata can include up to three elements - logos/small images on the left and right and a centered copyright - and is setup just once for the whole presentation. Styles are applied to set the element position in the footer as left, right or centered.

No other content should be placed in this slide; it will be ignored when publishing, so won't appear in the output.

For information about image dimensions and scaling, refer to Image size requirements.

  • To add a presentation metadata slide:

  1. Create a topic on the highest level in the book contents, based on the Presentation Metadata CH template.

  2. Place the topic above the Book Table of Contents.

  3. If you want to define a default background image, on the first line, place the file object with the image to use as a background on all slides.

  4. Apply the BackgroundImage style to the paragraph with the file object for the background image.

  5. Add the file object for the first logo on the next line and apply the Footer Image 1 style.

  6. On the next line, add the second logo/image and apply the Footer Image 2 style

  7. On a next line, for the copyright, add the text and apply the Footer Copyright style.