Possible causes for interactive slides not working


If Honeycomb output does publish, but interactive slides are not functioning correctly, here are some suggestions to try:

  • Determine where the Honeycomb course "breaks," the problem is probably within that slide or the slide preceding.

  • Ensure all slides are based on Honeycomb templates

  • Ensure all slides in book structure are at a level 1

  • Slides should have either a subtitle or an introductory line of text - no empty topics!

  • Ensure only Honeycomb supported styles are used

  • Ensure there are no spaces before or after interactive images (used in carousels, buttons, conversations, etc.)

  • Ensure that all slides have introductory text prior to interactive images in carousels, buttons, conversations, etc.

  • Carousel item transition time must be greater than zero

  • The topics you're using for your slide elements must have Start new page selected:

    1. Locate the topic templates you're using for slide elements.

    2. Go to Properties > Web.

    3. Select Start new page.