Multiple choice knowledge checks in Honeycomb


Honeycomb courses support two types of multiple choice questions; those that have a single correct answer and those that have multiple correct answers. Both types are created with the same general steps, and can include text and images.

  • For questions with more than one correct answer, use the Multiple Choice Multiple Selection knowledge check. To reinforce that the question has multiple answers, the slide uses selection squares.

  • For questions with only one correct answer, use the Multiple Choice Single Selection knowledge check. To reinforce that the question has a single answer, the slide uses selection circles.

  • To create multiple choice knowledge checks:

  1. Create a topic based on the Knowledge Check Multiple Choice Single Selection template or Knowledge Check Multiple Choice Multiple Selection template.

  2. Place the slide topic at Level 1 in the book contents, or inside an assessment group.

  3. Add the question, using any style except Lists and special Honeycomb-related styles.

  4. Add several answers, each in a separate paragraph:

  5. Apply the style Answer Correct to indicate the correct answers (one answer only for a Multiple Choice Single Selection question and several for a Multiple Choice Multiple Selection).

  6. Apply the style Answer Incorrect to indicate the incorrect answers.

    Answer Correct shows text in green with a tick mark, and Answer Incorrect shows text in red.

    Author-it randomizes the order of the answers during the publishing process. For this reason, you should not use answers such as "All of the above" and "None of the above"; instead, use answers such as "All answers are correct" and "No answers are correct".

    After you enter all the details in this topic, it should look like the example.

  7. Do one of the following: